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For what we preach is not ourselves, but Jesus Christ as Lord, and ourselves as your servants for Jesus’ sake (2 Corinthians 4:5).


The events ministry is sub-divided according to the following; Youth, Teens, Singles, & Couples ministry. Saints have the option to serve within anyone of the listed ministries. Meetings are held leading up to events, after events as well as during the respective event. This ministry ensures the smooth running of an event, from obtaining quotes for conference venues, accommodation, catering right up to securing the reservations for the events. Meetings are held according to each ministries calendar of events.

Information Desk

Manning the Information Desk, is done throughout the church services, where saints require information, assistance with functions within the church, to make payment for upcoming events, this ministry supports the churches Administrative office but functions on Sundays and or during the churches events.


Serving in the choir is a way to minister to the congregation and to each other in a variety of ways, helping to change the world into a more loving and peaceful place, through song. The choir meets every Saturday afternoon to practice and prepare for upcoming services.


The ministry of ushering is a vital part of the church ministry. This ministry is responsible for assisting with the seating of guests and maintaining order. Ushers represent the church in a very visible way and help set the tone in preparation for the worship service, as well as assist with the smooth operation within the service. Serve wholeheartedly, as if you were serving the Lord, not men.
The Ushers meeting before service start to prepare the church and plan for the day’s events prior to each service.


The media ministry team is responsible for all of the technical functions of the church. Their purpose is to serve the church by providing comprehensive media services for the church, such as the; sound, visual and audio recording of church events, sermons and teachings, as well as making the church visible on print & online media platforms.
Sermons and teachings are made available on CD and DVD for personal viewing, podcasting and on our website.

Kingdom Kids

It is important to us as a church that children need to feel God's love. Children's ministry may be the only time a kid truly gets to experience God's unconditional love. It's so important to raise up a generation of children that know their worth in Christ and know that they are loved. Serving in this ministry will require one to teach lessons that will inform and educate the child about God and His love for us. Kingdom Kids service runs concurrently with the ‘adult’ services, every Sunday.

Holy Communion

The elements of the Eucharist, sacramental bread and sacramental wine (or by some grape juice), are consecrated on a communion table and consumed thereafter. Saints serving in this ministry, meet every second Saturday of the month, to prepare Holy Communion and again after the service to gather and prepare the crockery* used for the following service and storage thereafter at the end of last service. Holy Communion is taken every second Sunday of the new month.


This ministry is responsible for assisting with the parking of guests, maintaining order and security of services. Namely the detection of, prevention of, any possible security threat to the church building, church property and to the saints. The Security Ministry also assists in the event of any emergencies like the evacuation of the building in case of fire.


This ministry conducts hospital visits to hospital s within and outside of the highway area. Saints conduct these visits twice a month. Hospital visits are structured to offer hope and life to those admitted and their families.

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